Nova Launcher (Dracula Theme)

'Dracula' everywhere!

I have created a dracula themed nova launcher layout and wanted to share it.

Install using Git

If you are a git user, you can install the theme and keep up to date by cloning the repo:

Install manually

Download using the 'GitHub .zip download' option and unzip them.

[Github .zip download]

Activating theme

***Warning*** This will override your custom layout. So, be sure to backup your custom layout.

First Install [Charcoal Icon Pack]

[Charcoal Icon Pack]

1. Goto Nova Settings -> Backup & Restore -> Restore backup

2. Navigate to ".novabackup" file, [It's your choice to apply 'with' or 'without' layout] (Inside "extracted folder -> dracula") and select it.

3. Now, set the given wallpaper to your home and lockscreen.

4. Boom! It's beeeeautiful!


Wanna Save your layout? DIY!

Step by step instruction to change the color scheme of nova launcher to dracula.

***Your setup will be "kinda" incomplete without a perfect background and a icon pack with the same color scheme (Both of them are given. 😉)***


Home Screen

Search Bar Style

Indicator Color

Dock (If enabled)


App Drawer

Background Color

Scroll accent color



Window style

Folder Icon Appearance



Background Color

[Desktop search bar is already set.]

Drawer Search Bar


Night Mode


Notification Badges



Congrats! You have changed your nova launcher's color scheme to 'Dracula'.