About Me

Hello! I am Scientiac. I welcome you in my fun little corner of the internet where I share my thoughts and write about things I like.

My hobbies and interests

As a student, currently studying computer engineering I love computers obviously, but beyond that I like gazing at the stars and writing literature. More on computers and software, I use Linux and I do feel like I cannot live without it. I have come to learn about privacy on the internet, so I love using FOSS whenever possible.

About this site...

This site is built with the Zola static site generator with my spin of design inspired by Kev Quirk's website. Taking inspirations from my fellow friends from the fediverse and reading their thoughts on what a blogging website should feel like, I have created this beautiful website focused on the reading experience than design. I am very picky with fonts but as I thought everyone would like to read in their own preferred font, this site uses the default font of your system or browser which I think adds on to the reading experience.

Gemini Site